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Pokemon Special Chap. 96 Translation

Page 1:
New Bark Town General Hospital
Are you okay?!
Professor Utsugi!
It was absolutely terrible, owow.
But Professor, I can't believe you didn't notice that someone had snuck into the laboratory!
I...I was just so caught up in my research...
Well, if you think positively, it's a good thing that this egg wasn't the one stolen.
Well, you can say that...

Page 2:
Hello there! Professor Utsugi!! are!!
My name is Gold. Back then I didn't have time to introduce myself. Is your hip okay?!
Maaaan, it sure was tough looking up the hospital's phone number.
Well then, I'll get to the point. Though I'm sure you've heard about it from the police,
your Totodile was stolen, and the culprit still hasn't been found.
Also, umm somehow through the course of events, this guy is with me.
The two of us decided to teach the culprit a lesson. So basically, I'll be borrowing him until then!!

Page 3:
Chapter 96: VS Donphan
Wha...what do you think that means?!
I don't know. But to think that not only is Totodile gone, but now Cyndaquil is too...

Page 4:
Before I go pay a visit to Professor Utsugi, I thought I should deliver these Pokemon to Gold's mother first and came over here, but...
This is difficult.
He just went out to play for a while, and now I'm supposed to tell her that I don't know when he's going to come back...? Gold's mother will probably be angry...
How long does he plan to be away?!
Who is it?
Gorou-kun! Where's Gold, and when is he coming home?!!
Th...that's, well, umm...

Page 5:
Oh well, he should come back someday.
(This mother doesn't worry very much. Is it like mother like son?)
...So, I brought these because Gold asked me to "return them because they're house Pokemon."
Why thank you.
That's strange.
Wh-what's wrong?!
There's one missing.
Nyoro-tarou the Poliwag!

Page 6:
Is that true?! Gorou!!
(Damn, I messed up. I was so relieved that my backpack was found that I forgot to check the insides.)
(This is depressing. Sorry, Nyoro-tarou.)
According to Professor Ookido, the backpack was dropped on the riverside with the zipper open.
I think that it probably fell into the river...
Okay! I was about to go search for that jerk Silver,
but Nyoro-tarou comes first!
I'll find you right away, so wait for me, Nyoro-tarou!

Page 7:
Route 31
(Nyoro-tarou! Where are you!)
No good! I can't find it in the area that old man Ookido told me about!
Was it washed further downstream?
And when I think I find a ball, it's these weird guys. Take a step outside and you see all sorts of things.

Page 8:
But I won't give up!
I'm going to search for that jerk anyway. Makes no difference how far I go!

Page 9:
Johto Area, Violet City
Ahh, I'm staarving.
Heheh, peace of cake.
*wheeze wheeze* S...someome---!!
Oh, perfect timing! One Violet specialty rice cracker please.
With plenty of soy sauce!
Oh man, looks delicious!!

Page 10:
Waaah!! My rice cracker!! Please replace it!!
I can't replace it. Go complain to the guy who stirred up the dirt!
Why that little! How dare he dirty the rice cracker I was looking forward to eating when I got to Violet City~~~!!
This ain't funny!!

Page 11:
Hey, you!! I'm telling you to wait!!
*pant pant*
Ohh, you. Are you going to get back my pouch for me? I'm thankful, but don't wear yourself out, please!
Mm~~~?! Take back your pouch?! I don't have any plans to do that!
I just want to have my rice crack compensated for.
Hallo, hallo.

Page 12:
Who the hell are you?!
I don't like to fight over nothing. I won't do anything if you buy me a new rice cracker.
Don't bother me with crap that doesn't make sense! You brat!!
That does it!! Now I'm seriously pissed off.
A-tarou! "Scratch"!!
You're in the way! Donphan, "Horn Attack"!

Page 13:
So that thing's called a Donphan!
The bigger and longer the tusks, the higher the rank in its herd, huh...?
...Which means! That one running at the head is the boss!
Okay, let's aim for the boss. I'm counting on you, A-tarou.
Ready and...

Page 14:
Are you stupid?! To throw your own Pokemon right at the nose of the boss!
That's like you're asking us to aim for you!!

Page 15:
He fell for it, A-tarou come back!
With its tail!! It pulled back right on the verge of being attacked!!
A-tarou the Aipom. His tail is more dexterous than his hands and feet.
And by the way, is this the time to be surprised?!
The boss that struck out is rolling over, you know--!!

Page 16:
When the boss goes down they all go down~

Page 17:
You didn't have to, you didn't have to~~~
Treating me this much!!
Wow, it sure feels great after dong a good deed. The instant I saw that mugger, I thought "I can't leave this alone"!
I am Giovanni. I give lessons on Pokemon here in Violet City. Well, thank goodness that this pouch and the documents inside it is safe.
I am meeting Professor Utsugi's assistant today so I need these documents.
Is that true?! Is Professor Utsugi's assistant really coming?!
Waaah what is it all of a sudden-

Page 18:
New Bark Town
Anyway, I was discharged... But I'm worried about him...
Hmmm. I'm worried too, Utsugi-kun.
I thought Red was fairly reckless boy. But Gold's recklessness is even worse.
Let's hope that he is somehow able to achieve his goal...
Today, my assistant set out for Violet City. If he meets him, he should send us some kind of report.

Page 19:
This is bad. He must be coming to accuse me of making off with Bakutarou, probably. If it comes to this, I should show off my serious side!
Hey, you bag snatcher!!
My name is Gold. I'm from New Bark Town.
Right now, I'm after a missing thief. Do you have someone like this in your group of friends?!
He has red hair and a Totodile with him.
He's the culprit that stole a Pokemon from Professor Utsugi's laboratory!
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