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It was a good Christmas Eve. :) Mom and I rented the 8th Detective Conan movie and the Death Note movie (taped from TV), and we watched them while eating cake and drinking tea. ♥

The Detective Conan movie was like all the others before it- fun and ridiculous. Conan can basically do anything in these movies, whether it's skateboarding down a roller coaster or flying an airplane. LOL. It was cool seeing Conan and Kaitou Kid working together though. The very fact that Kid had so much screen time makes it a good movie. (Seeing him disguised as Shinichi was so AWKWARD. XD) And for once, the murder mystery was pretty easy to figure out. But I guess that wasn't exactly the focus of the movie.

Still, I'm left with a few questions: When Ran's complaining about Shinichi never being around (that was a really inopportune time to have a drawn-out romantic moment, btw, considering the plane was quickly running out of fuel), did she conveniently forget that Shinichi appeared at the beginning of the movie? XDD I mean yeah, that was technically Kid, but she was practically ignoring him that whole time. XD And also, I highly doubt Eri would be convinced that she did the sleuthing herself. She's much too smart for that. I WANT TO SEE HER SUSPICIOUS OF CONAN!

The Death Note movie.....I'm very surprised that my mom liked it. O_O I was pretty sure she'd hate it from the premise, but....she even stayed awake through the whole thing. Huh. As for the movie itself- it was okay. I have to say I prefer the anime. ^^; Maybe it was the acting...or that Ryuk's scenes were a bit limited. Or just the fact that the anime has a more dramatic style. But it was a good enough movie on it's own. L's mountain of sweets was certainly amusing. XD

......You know, I'm not sure why mom and I even bothered wrapping our presents. We both watched each other buy them. XD
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