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December 22 is looking to be a great day. Why? Well, besides new Juushin Enbu, it looks like we'll find out who has licensed The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya for the US! I have to say, FINALLY. Now I have another series I want to collect on DVD! ^^ If only we can get word on whether Mushishi is licensed...

LOL, AnimeOnDVD is in the spirit of Haruhiism too. All the o's and s's are in red.

To celebrate, I shall be pimping the novels! You can find them translated here (some are still in progress). For the past few months I've been constantly checking for updates, and here is a list of my favorite non-animated stories. Seriously, there's more than enough material for a second season.

Volume 3: Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody You need to read this to understand the following stories. Also, if you were curious about why Haruhi thought she'd seen Kyon before, you'll find the answer here. :D

Volume 4 (all): The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi Okay, this book is fascinating. Kyon gets to see what his life would be like without Haruhi, and he has to make an important decision...

Volume 5: Snow Mountain Syndrome Follow-up to Volume 4. The SOS Brigade has a new enemy...

Volume 7: The Intrigues of Suzumiya Haruhi This book is still in the process of being translated, but so far it's interesting. The prologue takes place right after Snow Mountain Syndrome and takes care of some unfinished business.

What you'll find in these stories: A LOT of time traveling. A lot of focus on Yuki. A lot of character development, especially for Kyon and Yuki. And I swear that Kyon and Haruhi are nearly flirting at one point in Volume 4. XD What's also interesting is that you can spot a couple of scenes from Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody and Snow Mountain Syndrome in the anime's ending animation. Now I REALLY want there to be a second season~
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