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So at approximately 1:30 AM, the hot water pipe in our house broke. What resulted was a MONSOON down in the basement, and for the next three hours, mom and I had to mop up several buckets of water with towels. My hands have since been very sore from all the towel-wringing.

And now, until we get the pipe fixed, I can't take a shower. We can't use any water either, or else risk soaking the basement again. We were supposed to go Christmas shopping today, but now we can't until we get that damn pipe fixed. Can you believe that this is the second time in the year that the basement has become flooded? We should just stop putting things down there.

In other news, I'm amused how people at the ZOMGFTA website are like "Where's the President of Taiwan?!" "Where's Hiro Nakamura?!" "I think I see the President of Taiwan here!" XD

EDIT: Oh, we can't use the heater either. *freezes*

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