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Re: Fantastic Children English dub

Omg I watched the Fantastic Children dub. XD It's not that bad, actually. Thoma sounds way too old, though his actor is pulling off the attitude. His voice still makes me laugh. XD Chitto is alright, Helga sounds good from what I've heard, though she doesn't talk much... XD Thoma's mom's voice is the best though; she has a British accent!

I'm in love with Aghi and Soreto's voices. They're perfect, though their acting could improve. Hesma is good, Tarlant is okay, Hasmodeye is terrible.

Gherta sounds waaaaay too young. She's supposed to be about 50 years old, why does she sound like she's 20?! Cooks and Alice are alright.

Overall, it's not as bad as I expected. The scripting is good, at least.
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