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Because Chapter 66 still hasn't come out, I've started watching the Hellsing TV series dubbed on Youtube. And omg it is so DULL. STOP BEING SO SERIOUS. The Alucard vs. Anderson fight wasn't fun at all and WTF with the gay naked vampire that led up to it. Alucard is like a school-teacher, all he does is lecture people with his VOICE OF GOD, I can't even make fun of him. D: And Seras is wimpy.

Gah. I like Hellsing for the stylish gore and silliness; I'm not getting enough of the former and the latter is nonexistant. I've had my fill of emo vampires with Blood+, now I want to see vampires being badass!

The dub is pretty good, though. I saw the dub for the OVA at Otakon but I can't remember it much now, which is mainly why I'm watching this in the first place (I'm planning on asking for the OVA for Christmas). I'll probably stop after I get to the Valentine brothers. I've heard lots of good things about Jan's dub voice, and it'll be a long while before the 2nd OVA is released in English. :/

EDIT: Oh wow, Jan is fantastic! XD Though they totally sucked the humor out of the helicopter exploding...

EDIT 2: Having rewatched the Alucard vs. Anderson and Alucard vs. Luke fights in the OVA, now I know why the TV series fights disappointed me. The OVAs pull them off with so much style, it's just fun watching them. Nevermind the larger animation budget, the creators know how to make things cinematic. And am I the only one who likes the BGM in the OVAs better? The TV soundtrack is nice to listen to on its own, but I think it got distracting in the actual series.
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