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Re: Blood+ Episode 46

If you couldn't tell, I'm marathoning this series while waiting for Chapter 66 to come out. Only four more episodes to go~!

Damn. I always kinda figured that Saya and Hagi's promise was for him to kill her, but....damn. It was really nice to see Saya actually thanking Hagi and apologizing to him in this episode, but does she realize what fulfilling that promise would do to the poor guy?! He's said it himself, "Saya is all that I have"! And he's supposed to go on living forever without her?! Dx How's he going to kill her without Diva's blood, anyway? Bash her brains in? With his cello case lol.

And there's the conflict that promise has with Kai's promises of going back to Okinawa.... While I'm finding all this Okinawa talk to be rather annoying by now, and I don't like the idea of Kai/Saya at all (I don't have a problem with Kai himself- he's pretty cool after the time skip and I love his interaction with the Sifu), Kai's promise means that Saya will live, and the promise with Hagi means she'll die... D: But the promise with Hagi is over a century old, so she can't exactly go back on that now...

Aw hell, Saya should just wait until AFTER Kai is dead, then she and Hagi could commit suicide together. That way EVERYONE is happy. >/

...It was pretty funny seeing Solomon all beat up and Nathan grumbling about his lawn, LOL. XD

EDIT: I'm going to bed now, but I'm thinking of looking into the Blood+ manga. :/ Apparently it explains things better, as well as having different villains and more Hagi/Saya. Does anyone know where I can find the RAWs? (The manga by Asuka Katsura; I don't wanna touch the shoujo-ish one.)
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