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Re: Blood+ Episode 43

LMAO, what is this, the shippers' episode?! XD I mean we got David/Julia, Mao/Kai, Solomon/Saya, AND HAGI/SAYA YAYZ. Now if only Okamura were in this episode, it would be perfect.

But WTF, Solomon. XD I don't care if he's the only one who can make babies with Saya, he's not gonna win her over THAT way. Hagi was the winner this time, yup. The sheer amount of Hagi/Saya in this episode made me squee. And HAGI GOT WINGS YAY!

XDD It still cracks me up how Hagi was all like "GTFO SHE'S MINE!!! >(" And in the beginning Kai was like "WTF Solomon kidnapped Saya?!?!" and Lewis just says "Oh it's okay, Hagi will get her back. :D"

Btw, Kai/Saya? Creeps me out. Though it was pretty funny when Diva said "You can make babies with Saya if you become my Chevalier~"

EDIT: LMAO, Mao's got Hagi cleaning bathrooms now (Ep. 46). Even if it's to set Kai and Saya up, that's too hilarious. I love that girl. XD
Tags: anime, blood+, shipping

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