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Early in the week and already impatient

ARGH ARGH ARGH. I'm already sick of finals.

I want Chapter 66. DD: Only about...4-5 days more?? ARGH. I want more Briggs-tachi!

And more Juushin Enbu comes out this month right???

Okay, I admit my main motivation for this entry is to get people talking about FMA again. SO DEPRIVED.

EDIT: Also, I have 21 days left to figure out how to use Paint Shop Pro before my free trial runs out. I want to try scanlating Juushin Enbu before the next chapter comes out but this software is intimidating. :(

EDIT 2: Omg my first ever attempt at using the clone brush: (Any pointers on how to do it over Hagun's friggin fingers and Tonrou's tail without it looking retarded?)
Now if only I could figure out how to insert text. 8D
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