Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Re: Heroes Episode 10

This amazing.

OMG HIRO AND CHARLIE MADE ME CRY. ;_____; That scene with the paper cranes was beautiful and he was the one who gave her the phrase book and omg I love them and and he couldn't save her. ;_____;

It was also just so fascinating seeing how everyone was in the past.

Silar creeps me out. So what, does he eat their brains and gain their powers? UGH.

So Jessica was Nicki's sister? Twin sister maybe? How did she come to possess Nicki then? Or is it just a split-personality disorder thing? I mean other than the super strength, I always thought that Nicki's 'power' was more like being plain insane...

Micah's power is definitely technology-related. Seeing him take that laptop apart was awesome. He reminds me of Forge (I think that was his name?) from X-Men.

I still don't really get what Claire's father is up to. I mean, before he found out about Claire's power. Why did he have the Haitian with him? How did he find out about Eden? Is he trying to help people with their powers? But then why doesn't he want to cooperate with Sharesh? Is it because he just wants to keep everything secret so Claire could live a normal life?
Tags: heroes, tv

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