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feeling better

Right now I'm drinking C.C.Lemon and eating rice crackers. There's nothing special about that, but it makes me happy. ^^
Yeah, today was a big improvement. And I actually got some sleep last night. FMA is committing murder on my eyes. ><
Oh god, there's only one day until episode 51. NOOOOO. ;_; But on the other hand, I DO want to find out if *insert name here because I'm too lazy to LJ-cut* survives, because he/she CAN'T DIE DAMMIT I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT.
And my level of obsession is starting to scare me, because last night at Writer's Group it just kept coming back to haunt me. I'd look at page numbers in a book (49, 50, etc) and pow! Images in my head. Judy and the others were talking about how they needed to "rewrite this and that" but in my head it got translated into "keshite~! riraito shite~!" And then we get into writing plot and characters and what makes a science fiction story, and what keeps popping into my head? That's right. Full Metal Alchemist.
I'm afraid that I might start forgetting about my own stories. ;_; I don't want the anime to end, but it has to for my mental health. This whole week of waiting has been screwing me in the head. I need closure, NOW.

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