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I'm not sure if I want to post this to hagaren_manga, since the last time I posted something relating to ANN, it didn't turn out very well. But anyway:

I was very pleasantly surprised to see a review of the FMA manga there suddenly. Not only that, but all A's. :OO There are people in the comments grumbling about how it seems to be a biased review, and I do agree that while I consider it a masterpiece, it's not the most philosophical work of art/literature ever made.

Also, I kind of had a double-take when I saw that it was only reviewing Volumes 1-3. I was honestly expecting it to be a Volume 10 review when I started reading. I mean, Fullmetal Alchemist is great even from the beginning (as fma_reread has reminded me time and again), but back when I was only on Volume 3 or so, I really didn't appreciate it nearly as much as I do now. XD;

EDIT: Also, AnimeOnDVD still hasn't reviewed Volume 9 yet. :( Maybe they're planning on reviewing Vol. 9 and 10 at the same time? *hopes so*
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