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Chapter 65 translation!

Page 42/42 done. FINISHED YAAAY!

Page 1
Ed-tachi, who have met Armstrong's older sister "Olivier"...
What is this~!!
Amazing!! So tall!!
Get a move on, scum!!
If you keep acting like idiots
I'll pluck out that antenna on your head!!

Page 2
Chapter 65: The Iron Law

Page 3
Right. The so-called chilblain.
A little longer and you would have had complete frostbite.
If you walk around in a blizzard for a long time with automail like this, the cold spreading from the metal will cause the flesh around your ports to get frostbite.
You won't be able to move as well if you don't change your oil too.
But that Buccaneer guy was moving around in the snow with his automail like it was nothing

Page 4
No good, doctor!
This head got tangled and it won't come off!!
The automail here are flexible and light weight, and on top of that have to be strong against the cold.
Sturdiness is important as well, but it has to be made so that it won't be a burden to the user's body.
After trial and error, these results were produced
Automail that combines Duralumin, carbon fiber, nickel, and copper

Page 5
I see, so that's why I couldn't break it with that automail destruction
I assumed that "automail = made of iron" and was doing iron decomposition
Furthermore, the oil is also made for use in the northern lands
In the case of Captain Buccaneer's Crocodile, it goes even further by using the heat of the exhaust from the motor to protect against frostbite around his shoulder
You didn't have to go and reveal my weak point did you, doctor?
Oh, but why not? He's a great State Alchemist of the country, you know?
Is he for real?
He has a silver watch
(Ngh....someone like this is considered a Major...)
Don't expose your arm and leg to the cold lower than -7 degrees for more than 3 hours

Page 6
That's a rough estimate for the frostbite. Be sure to remember it.
And if you're planning on staying in the north for long, I recommend getting your automail replaced.
Hurry and get it specialized for the cold
Do you have your own mechanic?
She's in Rush Valley right now
So uncool...
Her customer's going to the northern region and not even an explanation or replacement?, it's because I didn't tell her I was coming north
Then get it replaced, even if it means making a business trip
That is, if you don't want to die

Page 7
Price for coffee is 100 cenz!
That's dirty~~~
(And it tastes worse than what they have at East HQ)
It's your fault for being off guard
And? What have you come here to do with that normal automail?
Coming alone without even passing through headquarters
That's right!! We came here with a letter of introduction so Major General Armstrong could help us out!!
(Red --> *Ed*)
What, if you have something to complain about, then say it

Page 8
I've heard that you've been getting along with my little brother Alex
Is Alex doing well?
(Huh...? I wondered if they don't get along because she ripped and threw away the letter without even reading one line, but...)
(Whatever it is, she cares for her brother?)
Yes! His muscles are as thick as ever!
Ah well
Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric, was it?
Tell me your reason for coming to meet me without even passing through headquarters

Page 9
Also tell me everything about why that armor is empty, without hiding anything
It's not something we'd like people to hear if we could help it...
No need to worry
There are many people here with things to hide. It's not unusual for someone to have "something I don't want others to hear"
...It's the kind of thing that could get me a court-martial if they find out...
I've done things of that caliber too
Hey Brother...
It looks like we'll have to explain everything from the beginning
Yeah, with that uptight personality, it doesn't seem like she'll overlook it for us

Page 10
Let's go with not telling them about the Fuhrer and homunculi...
Right. We'll stick with the getting our bodies back story, Al
It's court-martial material from the very beginning
It starts with human transmutation...
--I see
So that's why you're searching for the girl who has this black-and-white cat with her
*nod nod*
Now I understand

Page 11
Then will you help...
That you ruffians
casually cause trouble without thinking too deeply,
and that you're thoughtless whiners who spread chaos with your careless actions- that I understand very well!
I don't want to place such careless people in my castle. Really...why are they at Central letting brats like this run loose...
Hurry and get out
...Is what I'd like to say, but I'm interested in Rentanjutsu

Page 12
You two are acquainted with that Rentanjutsu girl, aren't you?
Yes, in a way...
It is a technology that doesn't exist in this country
I want it
There's never enough technology
Especially in this land that's exposed to the great country Drachma
Depending on how it's used, Rentanjutsu could be a good weapon
Wait a minute please! Rentanjutsu is a technique that specializes in medicine
That you'd use it as an offensive weapon is...
Shut up
You dogs who just yelp helplessly inside the country
Do not forget that your peaceful life is maintained thanks to those who protect the border
I draw the border line
If it will help me, then I'll take any technology there is

Page 13
There's never enough technology
After all, it's possible to attain ten military gains at the expense of just one
You alchemists say that you can only obtain something by sacrificing something of equivalent cost
That's bullshit
You should just take that theory and rip it apart
Leave the searching for the Rentanjutsu girl to us
Do not go outside the fortress
Major Miles, give these two a job
It's "If you don't work, you don't eat"
......That's right

Page 14
Those boys have a rather hard history, don't they?
Hmph, it seems they have some experience in combat
But I understand that they're still little babies on the inside
There's still a secret that they can't tell us
That, I also understand
[Oh Olivier, you are SO fun to write ♥]

Page 15
Hey, what are you going to make us do as our jobs?
(Jeez, that's unsociable)
(He could at least say something)
that doctor was saying that you all have something to hide. You...Major Miles, do you have something?
It's not fair for only our secrets to be heard completely
You want to know?

Page 16
Red eyes...
An Ishbalan?!
I heard that soldiers with Ishbalan family lines were purged before the annihilation campaign!!
It only means that I don't come from Ishbal. It's true that Ishbalan blood runs through my veins, but my grandmother, father...and incidentally, my wife, are of a different race.
My grandfather's blood came out strong
That's why this is my skin and eye color

Page 17
You've done quite a number to the land of my ancestors
And Ishbalans also burned our country town
and killed our childhood friend's parents.

Page 18
This is the first time someone's struck back at me like that
That's quite a bitter thing to say, but thank you for treating me as an equal
...You were testing me?
Pardon me.
After that rebellion, whenever normal people see these eyes, they draw back. As if an Ishbalan is equivalent to a target of pity.....
To be honest...I'm tired of having to explain every time.
But you don't fear or pity. You looked at my eyes straight on.
Well, I've been associating with Ishbalans who've tried taking my life, almost kidnapped me, made compromises with me...
You can't help but clash when an entire race is brought together,
but I think it's possible to talk as equals between individuals.

Page 19
Major Miles, were you enrolled in the military during the annihilation campaign too?
Yes. I've been Major General Armstrong's assistant since then.
The annihilation campaign started as soon as I was appointed here. Starting with my grandfather, my Ishbalan relatives were killed on eastern soil.
I didn't meet the standards for the military's purge and I was saved
...Didn't you hate the military?
You really do ask things directly without fear
Ah...sorry if I offended you
....Most likely
I ask because I dislike my own ignorance
A State Alchemist who's "ignorant," eh...?

Page 20
I did hate them
And at the same time, I held doubt in the Major General who continued to use me as her assistant instead of banishing me
I have Ishbalan blood, and on top of that, this appearance
I might cause discord among the soldiers here, so why did she put me at her side.....
There was a time that I lashed out at her once
Don't talk as if you're half asleep, Miles
Race, nation, gender, rank, etcetera...
Putting discrimination on the battlefield increases the percentage of death in one's own army
The land of Briggs is one where you cannot be intimidated
No matter what happens, every single soldier from every nook and corner

Page 21
must be flexible enough to move to their master's will and win strongly.
They must be a sturdy army that cannot be shaken by anything!
Miles, you have not only Ishbalan blood in your veins, but the blood of multiple races, do you not?
That means you hold blood that has a diverse sense of value and can see this country from various points of views
In order for someone like me, who's birth, growth, and blood is of a native Amestrian, to stand at the top, I need someone like you.
Stop your grumbling and follow me, Miles.

Page 22
Those words were truly rational
and without deception
When I asked, "But still, what if the Ishbalan blood within me could not forgive the national military and makes a fuss"?
how do you think the Major General replied?
"Very well, come at me."
"As representative for the national military, I can accept a duel at any time"
--Is what she said.
Ugh, what an awful woman, saying that with her troops lined up behind her
No, those eyes were seriously saying that she'll cut me down one-on-one
Do you know the law of this place?
"Survival of the fittest"...was it?

Page 23
That means we're all on the same balance.
Those who are weak and unprepared will die. Those who are strong survive.
That is the same for both the underlings and bosses.
It is a truth that doesn't change all 24 hours, all 365 days of the year.
It's very simple.
Here, there's no race or nationality or gender.
Owah...that was close...
Brother, you need to watch where you're...

Page 24
If you hadn't stumbled there, your head would have been cracked open.
This is also survival of the fittest.
You survived because you are lucky.
Tch...those icicle removers have been slacking
is your job

Page 25
Our job is to go around knocking down icicles and blocks of ice inside and outside buildings like this
We do this so ice doesn't fall on pedestrians and to keep equipment from malfunctioning. It's simple, but an important job.
Try it out.
....can't reach...
Here, here
(Watch ouuut) ["Abu" would literally translated to "dangerous," but there's no way you could fit that word in those tiny speech bubbles]
They don't get it
This is why I can't stand Southerners
It's so troublesome teaching them

Page 26
Why don't we leave it to the new Lieutenant?
Second Lieutenant!! Could you give us a hand!!
Yes, yes
I'm right here...
Warrant-officer Falman!!
Elric Brothers!! Why are you here?!
(Huh? They know the Lieutenant?)
Weren't you employed at Northern Headquarters? (A little south of here)
Weeell, from Northern Headquarters I was sent away again here, where I'm being made to drop icicles

Page 27
So you became a Second Lieutenant!
Yes! (Teehee)
I seeee, congrats on your promotion...
But that you're doing a super underling job...
means you missed out on a successful career...

Page 28
Zolf J. Kimbley
The Crimson Alchemist
Do you remember me?
Yes, I remember you very well
You were in the Kanda district of Ishbal
I remember the faces of the people who catch my eye when I do my job
Were the people around you at that time your family?
There was someone who looked just like you who was wearing glasses
A massive amount of blood flowed from his left side, and he seemed to be in great anguish...

Page 29
I can't be hanging around those two monsters
Now's the time to escape...
Where do I escape?

Page 30
(This isn't good)
(I was only just discharged and my body has weakened...)
(And he has continued to fight even after the rebellion...)
(In terms of strength, I am at a disadvantage)

Page 31
(But ultimately, he can only destroy...)

Page 32
The left side...was it?
Hey, I feel some kind of weird vibration
Slow down!!

Page 33
Did something happen in the back...?
I will not give you time to pray to God
...a pity

Page 34
To let the same Ishbalan
get away...two times...

Page 35
And that I would have to "escape"...
This is incredibly humiliating, Scar...!!
Let's be sure to put an end to this next time
Third time's the charm

Page 36
Make it stop!! Hey!!
The rear cars are gone!!
You've gotta be kidding me!!

Page 37
Hey you, what happened?!
Hang in there!!
Why are you riding on a place like this?!
That's an order
Keep it moving
That's it...death is coming for me...
Those who cause death are chased by death...

Page 38
A job that is always adjoined with death...
and puts one's soul on the line...has the most beauty
But how worthy it is...
My battlefield...!!
This is the development layer
Woaah, what's that
It's Major General Armstrong's idea. We gather the country's leading edge technology and develop weapons.
Automail for use in combat too?
Next is over here.

Page 39
This is the lowest layer of Briggs
It's so warm!
Way different compared to above
The lifeline of the inside of the fortress is gathered here
Even if the top of the fortress is attacked, the central part underground feels nothing

Page 40
Hey, outta the way!!
Don't be fluttering around
Bobby, over here, over here!
There's a weird noise
Just listen to it
Hey, this...'s from underground

Page 41
This is...
It's almost like someone's digging through rock...
Could it be...those guys from Drachma?!
Are they digging an underground road beneath the fortress?!
This ain't good... [The "ain't" is intentional, FYI. I know good grammar.]
They're close...!!
tiresome [I really wish English had a better word for "mendokusai"]

Page 42
It's so tiresome
I'm gonna die
dying is
A new homunculus?!

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