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Insomnia leads to scanlation whut?!

Uh....I couldn't sleep, so I made my own scanlation of the new Hellsing chapter because it's easy. :D;

Check it out!

Okay, please give me your honest opinion. There's a reason why Kirsten always does the editing. XD; I think the biggest problem is my lack of good-looking fonts. But if people think it looks decent enough, maybe I can try doing Juushin Enbu? ...I mean, better than nothing, right? >_>;

*goes to work on NaNoWriMo*

EDIT: Yaaay, I finally found Chap. 6 of The Dawn! And it is SO MUCH CRACK WTF! XD

EDIT 2: New default icon! I replaced Yakuza Maid with smoking!Girlycard! That's gonna take a while to get used to... XD
Tags: manga, translation

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