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So at our Anime Club's Halloween Marathon, I was introduced to the series Blood+. We also watched Blood: The Last Vampire, which was very impressive and now I'm totally excited about the live-action movie being planned.

But yeah, Blood+. I want to watch more. :O Apparently it's going to be shown on Adult Swim sometime, but it's still not clear when, so maybe I'll catch it on Youtube when I have the time. Oddly, my favorite character so far is Hagi. All through the first six episodes, Alex and I were cheering "YAAY Cello Man!" whenever he appeared. XD Though from things I've read on my flist in the past, I suppose I should prepare to be disappointed as a Hagi fan? And apparently the series jumps the shark in the middle.....but oh well. It started out really good, and I'm curious. XD;

Also, I am not at all surprised that Crispin Freeman is going to play Hagi in the English dub. First Alucard, and now this...? XD

EDIT: LOL, Crispin Freeman is going to play Van Argeno too. Cello Man and Candy Man. XD
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