Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,


*fangirls over Ruby and Sapphire's new clothes omg*

Diamond/Pearl arc:

The rival's name is Pearl, ROFLOL. That's such a girly name, it's gonna take me a while to get used to it. XD (Of course, "Ruby" is a girly name too, but not as much as PEARL.) And now I'm wondering what the girl character's name is going to be. Right now she's only known as "nazo no bishoujo" and "ojou-sama." Oh, and Diamond & Pearl are....comedians?! XD Wow, Pokemon Special always manages to come up with something different for the characters. And as predicted, Diamond gets Naetle, Pearl (*snerk*) gets Hikozaru, and ojou-sama has Pocchama.

Battle Frontier arc:

So Emerald and Sceptile are tied together by "fate." ...Okay. But all I'm really curious about is who's gonna win the battle, Emerald or Ruby, and it's probably gonna be Emerald. D:

Fire Red/Leaf Green arc:

Likewise, what I'm interested in here are the cryptic hints about the connection between Red and Dioxys. When Red asks "Can you do the same thing now?", does that mean he has a plan? Probably, but that along with Red's MYSTERIOUS SMILE kinda creeps me out. I mean it's nice to see Red smiling again, but it's not a smile that comes from "the bottom of his heart" and there's a "hidden meaning." That's creepy. D:
Tags: manga, pokemon, pokesupe

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