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jumbled thoughts and comments

-I've been in denial the whole day. Somehow it helps me cope. The added embarassment of carrying around my sign also was a useful distraction. I think I'll show it to Brianna tomorrow then leave it be. People might start to think I've gone insane (maybe I have?).
-We had a short blackout at school, right during my Desktop/Multimedia class. And I just had another blackout at home, for about an hour and a half. Mom and I ate onigiri and rice crackers by candlelight. I finally got to use my lantern. <3
-Someone should really make a music video to "Spirit dreams inside." Ed tribute. I keep listening to my L'arc-en-ciel CD on the bus, and remember the recent episodes whenever it gets to that song. So fitting.
-I noticed that some leaves are changing color. I'm not exactly happy, but I did feel a jolt of excitement. Autumn is here. My favorite season. <3
-You know, all I've been talking about recently is FMA. When am I ever going to be in the mood to actually write? O_o Poor Nelly and Aqua Tears. Don't worry, I haven't abandoned you...!

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