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Re: Death Note episode 5

The anime is moving pretty fast. :O And surprisingly, I think my favorite part about it, even more than the animation and voice acting, is the background music. It's fun to listen to and keeps you from getting bored, which is good considering the mind games and dialogue. This episode ended with a cruel cliffhanger- just seconds before we get to see L. XD Next episode, next episode~!

Also, not sure if I'm alone in this, but I get kinda pissed off at Raye when he's like "You're not an agent anymore, you're my fiancee, and you can forget all about being an agent once we have a family" to Naomi. Jeez, she's a smart, talented woman and there's nothing wrong with that!

Re: D.Gray-Man episode 5

This episode was really good. Allen made me go "aww D:" at least a couple of times. I'm surprised, I'm starting to warm up to this series more now. I guess it's the dark and melancholy tone that makes it a little different from other shounen series I've seen. I was also surprised with how much I liked Kanda and Allen's interaction in this episode- they still may not agree, but at least they understand each other better now. The next episode seems to go back to the manga's second story with Rinali added on. Interesting. I'm just looking forward to seeing Allen's past animated; hopefully they'll do a good job with it.

Oh, and for anyone who's in D.Gray-Man fandom, have the full opening and ending songs been released yet? I am addicted to them. D:
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