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Not a good start to the day

I thought it would go smoothly this time. But no, I was wrong.

I don't have Sophomore standing. Because I withdrew from one class and failed another in my first year, I don't have fucking Sophomore standing. I have to register tomorrow. And my advisor somehow failed to mention this.

So my staying up the whole night essentially was for nothing. I'll just have to keep checking to see if the classes I want don't disappear. Again.


EDIT: OH GREAT. THIS IS JUST GREAT. The 223 classes I wanted to take are gone. So are all the History classes, and the Biology labs are almost all gone. I'm going to get stuck taking general requirement courses in my Junior year. If I can't get a 223 class I won't be able to take ANY classes for my major until SPRING OF JUNIOR YEAR. Please tell me WHAT would be the point of staying in college then?!

EDIT2: Please please PLEASE I don't want to be screwed over by the registration process again. I'd just like to take ONE Creative Writing class. I want to feel like there's a point to me being here, I want to be able to answer people when they ask me what the writing program here is like, I don't want to be stuck in limbo forever wasting money on things that ultimately won't matter in my life. I can't take Japanese and I can't take English. What the hell can an Anthropology minor do for me?! I feel like I could get farther at a community college at this rate.
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