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Class Registration Stress once again

So, in five hours, I have to register for classes for Spring semester. Hopefully I'll have a better chance in getting the classes I want this time since I'm a SOPHOMORE now! I have to take six classes, and my advisor suggested taking only one Anthropology course so I could spread my minor out into Junior year. And since I'm also taking three general requirement classes, this means I have two electives to fill.

So far these are what I've chosen:

-Biology Lab
-History 112 (retaking it)
-Second-Year Writing Seminar
-Food and Culture (Dr. Griffin again! dumpster diving yay!)
-The Mythic Imagination (classical studies!)

And for the last one, either Religions of the East or The Drama-English Translation. Yes, Religions of the East is a Religious Studies course. I figure it could be useful for my Anthropology minor (especially considering the Fear and Magic class), plus I was disappointed that I didn't get to learn of the Eastern philosophies in my first Philosophy class. The Drama-English Translation is a Modern Languages course and I think it could be useful for my English major. Well, they both sound interesting and have no prerequisites, which is what's really important.

Hopefully my schedule won't end up having five classes on Mondays/Wednesdays or something. D: Because if that happens, I won't have any time to EAT. Now I'm considering just not going to sleep at all, since I want to start registering RIGHT at 8 am. I can keep myself up by eating candy.
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