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I think I just got spoiled for a major event in the new Avatar episode. For crying out loud people, not everyone has been able to see it on TurboNick or Youtube!! At least WARN for spoilers! >____<

And the reason that I haven't been able to watch it yet is because THE COMPUTER LAB WAS CLOSED THE WHOLE DAY. It was supposed to open at 1! It didn't. I kept checking back several times. It was supposed to close at 7. I went to check at 7 and it didn't even open before then. There was a girl who was also waiting and she had a paper to write. WTF PEOPLE! I asked at the media center and they said that apparently there were staffing problems. But JEEZ, they could have at least left a note that it'd be closed all day! Someone's not doing their job.

EDIT: What's worse is that the people at the IT Helpdesk are supposed to open it, which means they were absent the whole day too. I feel sorry for anyone if they were having computer troubles today.
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