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Good times

I was just looking through some of my older posts and I came across this. That was from way back when episode 48 hadn't even aired in Japan yet. We had some really interesting discussions back then, like Homunculus Hunter Ed and everyone predicting that all the characters would be killed off in the end a la Wolf's Rain. fm_alchemist used to be so different.

This is why I don't plan on rewatching the last ten episodes of the anime any time soon. I want to keep the good memories. These days there's a greater chance that I'd look back on them critically- I made this mistake when I rewatched episode 26 some time ago. I also find this particular discussion interesting considering how in the manga, Ed and Al's progress usually brings them closer together, and Al's earlier characterization is rather different.

But still, I'm feeling nostalgic for the anime now. Maybe I'll rewatch eps. 40-42 when I get home for Thanksgiving, since those used to be my favorite. It's really too bad that the movie had to disappoint me like that.
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