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Well, I'm screwed.

It's entirely my fault for not looking at the guidelines earlier, but apparently for my speech tommorrow I'm required to dress "business professional." ....He expects me to buy a SUIT for just one class?! "You will not be permitted to speak if you are not dressed properly." WHAT THE HELL! I can't do this! I was clueless enough buying business casual for my job and couldn't even do it without my mom's help. I have no idea how to pick a SUIT, which I highly doubt I'd ever wear again, and it's too late now anyway.

Also, I have to cite 8 sources? And only two may be Internet-based?! My topic is to persuade people that "anime is a medium, not a genre, thus it is a form of entertainment that can appeal to anyone." What kind of sources does he expect me to find at the library?!?!? And he approved of this topic!!

AGGHHHH. Hell, I'll get ready for the thing anyway, I'll wear the new skirt I bought for my Ran Fan cosplay, and if he says I can't speak, then OH WELL I DID MY BEST. This is ridiculous.
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