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this conversation really did happen

It was in Japanese, sure, but otherwise this is exactly how it went.

So I was washing the dishes, while mom was sitting at the table finishing up dinner. Suddenly she says, "Ah well. He died."
I turn and gape at her. "Don't SAY that!"
She frowns. "It's an anime! They're TRYING to make you cry and go 'Oh no!'"
"Y-yeah, but still..."
Suddenly my mom starts ranting out of the blue. "I can't believe they didn't bring Sai back! That's just horrible!"
"...Well, it's not too surprising, he was dead from the very beginning."
"That doesn't matter!" And she stomps off.


I think Hikaru no Go has made my mom desensitize herself from anime. I mean, whenever I watch FMA with her, the only reaction she ever has is either laughter, or the Japanese equivalent of "Uh oh." She never shed a tear during the Nina incident. She probably never even tried to make an emotional connection. It makes me sad. I like watching anime with her, but sometimes the way she responds to it breaks my heart.

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