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I met with my professor and I think I FINALLY have an idea of where I'm going in my English paper. That's right, after an entire week, all I could come up with was a page and a half of rambling. At least now I have a thesis.

I just can't seem to write the way they want to grade us. I can't write an outline of my paper first if I only have unrelated points and no thesis. >__< I have to come up with points and then string them together to make a thesis, because if I don't care about the subject, then I don't know what argument I'm making. GAH.

Whatever. I'm going shopping with Alex for cosplay stuff later today, and there's a new Avatar episode. Then I'll spend the weekend writing the paper. *sigh* I get so stressed out over such little things.

EDIT: Oh right, I need to do my Fear Survey too...
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