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Re: Hellsing manga

Why yes, I did just read seven volumes in two days. Though in my defense, most of it is non-stop action so I could easily read an entire volume in one sitting.

I was very delighted how Alucard actually had ANGST in the more recent chapters. (Tears of blood FTW.) Because if you couldn't tell already, Alucard is my favorite character.

Now the first thing that always attracted me to Alucard is his attitude. He's badass and better than everyone and he knows it. But he gets excited at the thought of finding a worthy opponent. He's practically giddy whenever he meets Anderson. In short, he's a fun character to watch, even if you know he's going to always win.

I also found him amusing. He's amusing when he's dead serious, and he's amusing when he's going on a manic killing spree (which is often). I'm not sure why, but he is. He just seems to enjoy it so much. He does have a sense of humor though, and that's amusing too.

But even then, I couldn't call him my favorite character. I was actually very disgusted with him in Volume 3 (the Elevator Action chapters) because for once, he wasn't killing ghouls or vampires, but humans. Though intellectually, I could understand why he had to do it, and the way he did it just reinforced the fact that even though he works for humans, he's still a monster.

At the same time though, Elevator Action revealed some things about his character that I thought was interesting. One was the scene when Seras was shocked that he had killed humans. At the time I thought I was looking too deeply into things, but it almost looked like he was trying to justify his actions. Of course, soon after he's all giddy about killing again, and he's friggin ALUCARD- why would he need to justify himself? But still, that scene kinda stood out in my mind.

Then there was the line, "Are you a dog, a man, or a monster?" This seemed to imply that he thought of unworthy humans as "dogs"- and that only those worthy of his respect are befitting the title of "human". Worthy humans being people such as Integral, Walter, and Van Helsing, the human who 'tamed' him. At least, that was what I got out of it.

And really, that line hit what I found most interesting about Alucard. Why is this monster, the strongest of all vampires, who could tear a human apart easily- why is he serving humans? And the answer- because he was defeated by one. Because he's Count Dracula, and Van Helsing kicked his ass. This proves that Alucard is NOT invincible. He can be beaten. He has weaknesses. And though it's heck of a lot of fun to see him winning, that one flashback when we see that he's lost everything is very interesting.

Now, skipping ahead several volumes, we get to his second battle against Anderson. Aside from the fact that he grows a beard (*snerk*), is revealed to have an entire undead army within himself, and can actually show affection toward Seras, we see that he is a masochist. THIS is the point where he became my favorite character. He wants Anderson to kill him. He's thrilled. And then...

And then! Anderson disappoints him.

Best. Scene. Evar.

He wants to be defeated by Anderson the HUMAN, not Anderson the MONSTER.

"The ones to destroy monsters...have always been humans. To die any other way would be unthinkable!!"

I love that. Because as it turns out, he envies humans. He hates being immortal. He loved it when Van Helsing killed him, and he wants to taste defeat again. And dammit, it's sad that Anderson, another human worthy of his respect, came so close to meeting his expectations, only to throw it all away. What a shame.

All of this I find utterly fascinating. So yes, Alucard is my favorite character, and I shall cheer him on, even as he destroys everything in sight. Because man, you can't help but cheer. He's friggin ALUCARD.
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