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Anime Marathon

Needless to say, Death Note was a big hit, even though there were only two episodes. I distinctly heard someone say "cool" when L pwned Light (and I agree because that scene is made of awesome), and people were disappointed that there wasn't any more. Hellsing Ultimate was also a hit, and I got to see episode 2 finally. It's weird because I usually detest anime with senseless violence, but Hellsing manages to have gore with style, and I like the characters. So in other words, I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next episode whenever it comes out. :D

We also saw Gunslinger Girl, which I thought was good, but not to watch in a group (too slow). But there was this one scene with a girl complaining about her period, and then Henrietta says they took her uterus out and we were all "WTF?!?" and then Rico comes in with blood trailing from her mouth and we went "WTF?!?" again and burst out laughing. XD That was amusing.

We watched half of Whisper of the Heart, a Ghibli movie which is a sort of prequel to The Cat Returns. And like The Cat Returns, I thought it was simply adorable so I borrowed it to watch the rest. <3 And then we saw some episodes of Avenger, which was very DULL. I liked the character Speedy, and that's about it. It's by the same studio that made Noir, .hack//sign, Tsubasa Chronicle, etc., and it really shows. D:

Lastly, I managed to convince them to play Fantastic Children, but by then everyone seemed to have gotten tired of anime so there were only one or two other people watching it with me. :( *sigh*
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