Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Re: Appa's Lost Days

Two words: POOR APPA!! :(

Jeez, it's been a month since they lost Appa...

I'm glad that at least he put up a good fight.

That Fire Nation kid was cute.

Poor Appa!! He's becoming wild and he's afraid of fire and doesn't trust anyone... ;__;

This episode has made me like Suki twice as much. I hope she got away from Azula safely. D:

I'm very curious about this Guru guy....methinks he'll have a large role to play later on.

I also think it's cool how we got to see the Eastern Air Temple finally, and female airbenders!

And huh, Iroh didn't tell Zuko about seeing Appa. I mean, they're on the ferry so it's not like Zuko could do anything about it, so not telling him would keep him from worrying. But it also seems that Iroh just wants Zuko to be normal for a while, or at least stop being obsessive.

The Dai Li got Appa! Noes!! And that guy (forgot his name) is an earthbender! :O!

Overall, while this episode wasn't spectacular, I'm impressed that an entire episode devoted to just one character can be so good. I mean sure, Zuko got an episode for himself, but Appa can't even talk and you can still understand how he's feeling and sympathize with him. Not only that, but this episode has foreshadowing and background info, so it's not a filler. Quite impressive.
Tags: avatar, tv

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