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Chapter 64 Translation GO!

I can make absolutely no guarantee that I can finish this tomorrow, but hey, I mind as well start.

Page 10/42 done.

Page 1
Searching for the further secrets of alchemy...
No matter how much I search, I can't find any particular descriptions on rentanjutsu...
It's an armor...
(Rentanjutsu, huh...? That Mei girl's alchemy-from-a-distance was amazing...)
(I wish I could do that. I should have asked her when I was at Dr. Knox's house.)
(Ling was saying that it's a technique that specializes in medicine, but I wonder how it works?)

Page 2
Chapter 64: The Northern Cliff of Briggs
Are you the big armor person who's the brother of the Fullmetal Alchemist?! [Argh...again, what are we going to do about the -san's?]
Amazing! Uwaaaa!! Uwaaaa!!

Page 3
You're really an armor!! Uwaa!!
Thanks (Who is this kid?)
What are you studying?
It's Rentanjutsu. Xing's alchemy.
The country of Xing...
But the Elric Brothers are skilled enough to reach state qualifications in an alchemically advanced country like Amestris, right?
Why are you looking up a minor alchemy from a foreign country now?
(I can't say that I want to take back my body or that I'm searching for a way to fight against the homunculi.....)

Page 4
Because they say that rentanjutsu specializes in the field of medicine
As a technique to save peoples' lives, I'm researching whether it has any new possibilities
Uwaa! Just what I'd expect from the rumored Elric Brothers!!
Get ready!!
We're going!!
Brother, you have to be quiet in the library...wait, where did you say we're going?
We're leaving! Get the luggage together in the hotel!

Page 5
I'll tell you the details on the way...
Mm? Who's this kid?
If you're Armor-san's older brother, that means you're the State Alchemist, Edward Elric?!
Y-y-y-you Sa-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-say that again?
I'll make you fly? Want to go all the way to Neptune?
Uwaa! Just as the rumors say, he'll go livid if you say "small"!

Page 6
Get away from Selim-sama
Ahhh don't shoot them
Selim Bradley?!
The Fuhrer's son?!
I'm so sorry, he's just always been admiring Edward-kun...
Selim-kun, you like alchemy?
Yes! My dream is to learn alchemy and become a State Alchemist like Edward-san
(Admire?) [Oh Ed, YOU DORK]

Page 7
And I want to be useful to Father!
.....So you really love your father
Do you like Fuhrer King Bradley?
Of course!
Even though we aren't connected by blood, he treasures me like I'm his real child

Page 8
His real child...
The two of us couldn't have a child, so we adopted the child of a distant relative. That's Selim.
He loves his parents and has grown into a truly kind child
Both my husband and I think of him as a treasure
How's the Fuhrer been lately? Has anything changed.......has he not been feeling well?
Yes, thank you for asking.
He still wants to be active and work hard, that man. He's old enough now, he should relax.
Even in the old days, he was completely devoted to his job
But though he could work, he was still an oaf who couldn't understand a woman's heart

Page 9 [Ehh...this page is more loosely translated because it's late.]
Ohh he was such a rude man that I ended up slapping him! And as if that brought us together, we started going out!
Our first date was just...
...oh, I'm sorry! I've just started talking about the two of us! Hoho! Hohoho!
Let's please talk again sometime~!
Wasn't that nice, Selim? Being able to talk with Edward-kun
I'm going to brag about it to Father when I go home!
...I wonder if his wife and son don't know that the Fuhrer is a homunculus?
Who knows
It'd be hard for them either way

Page 11

Go here for more, I'm too busy today sorry:

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