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Re: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Episode 4

Team Rocket looks really huge here for some reason. Also, how stupid could you be to not recognize them? They're still wearing their uniforms!!

....This episode kinda made me want to ship Satoshi/Hikari. >.> WHYYYYY.

Hikari is cute. She's such a n00b, she doesn't even know about the million Joys and still gets surprised whenever Takeshi flirts with someone. XD

It seems Satoshi will get a Naetle next episode. But unlike the one from episode one, Satoshi's Naetle looks like it's going to be a tough fighter. Which is a shame, because I thought the first Naetle was rather adorable in a slow turtley way.

EDIT: Could someone maybe upload episode 25 of Mushishi for me? I wasn't able to download it before C1 Anime took down their fansubs. ^^;
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