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Because I'm tired and bored, I'm going to make a list of my current top favorite anime.

1. Kino no Tabi
2. Hikaru no Go
3. Monster
4. Yakitate!! Japan
5. Mushishi
6. Fantastic Children

Since the last time I made this list, I have watched seven full series. I also finally finished Monster.

Now, there are a lot of GOOD anime that I haven't included, many generally regarded as masterpieces. But the ones that I put on my list usually have touched me in a way that I can't forget them, that I can rewatch many times and never get tired of them, that I can confidently recommend to other people, and proudly buy DVDs if available.

Also, I won't include an anime if I prefer the manga version (ex: Fullmetal Alchemist and Detective Conan), though the anime may be very good. The ones that I put on my list I prefer over the manga, or they're exactly the same as their manga counterparts.

About my particular choices:

-Technically, Hikaru no Go and Monster are tied. They're such different series that I have trouble comparing them, and both have made me sob openly on more than one occasion (and coincidentally, are about the same length).

-I find Yakitate!! Japan to be very entertaining and fun to watch at any time. (This also goes for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, which would probably rank at #7 right now.)

-Mushishi is a good anime to relax with, and the stories, visuals, and music are beautiful. It's a masterpiece.

-I may or may not change my mind on Fantastic Children in the future. I'm still very hyped about it at the moment.

-Yakitate!! Japan may or may not go down the list, depending on how the finale is, which I still haven't been able to watch.

Other choices:

-If The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya gets a second season, it might go up. Or I'll just feel compelled to lengthen the list.

-If you'd asked me earlier in the year, I would have placed Kyou Kara Maou higher up. However, now that I've lost some of the hype, I decided not to. I mean, the show had an amazing ending, there were many memorable moments, and it was very entertaining (it was on crack most of the time, I swear), but overall, there are episodes that I don't feel I'd ever want to watch again. Heck, I still haven't watched the ones with the guy and his sword.

Possible choices in the future:

-The second season of Victorian Romance Emma, if done well, has potential of ending up on my list. The first season was wonderful, but it ended just before things got really interesting in the manga.

-One Piece. >.>; It's, like, currently my fifth favorite shounen series. (All your fault, hamsterfactor!)

-Death Note. If I end up liking it more than the manga...


-I seem to like either shounen or philosophical dramas. XD; Also, the shounen I like rarely have any actual fighting.

-Four out of the six on my list have made me cry.

-Four out of the six are based on manga. One is based on a novel series.

-If/when Mushishi is licensed, then I would be collecting DVDs of four out of the six. As for the other two, it's doubtful whether they will ever be licensed. :(

And that has been more than anyone ever wanted to know about my personal tastes.
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