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More new anime whee~

Re: D.Gray-Man Episode 1

PRETTY! Allen's voice is good, but he kept reminding me of another character, and then I realized that he has the same voice as Touya Akira! :O And they both speak politely so I'm probably going to keep associating the two in my mind from now on. I like the ending song. The concept still bores me. And it seems that Allen is going to the Exorcist HQ in the next episode so when is his backstory and confrontation with the Millenium Earl going to be shown?

Also, this has always been bothering me, but what does "D.Gray-Man" even mean? What does it have to do with the series??

Re: Death Note Episode 1

FRIGGIN AMAZING. OMG. The animation...the music...the acting....EVERYTHING! I am utterly blown away with how incredible it is. *__* It kept making me shiver even though I knew what was going to happen, and omg. I can't stop fangirling. Of course, this is the same studio that made Monster, so I already knew it would be amazing, but somehow it managed to be even better than I expected. Best new anime of the season, without a doubt. I can't wait to show this at Anime Club!!

EDIT: Okay, having rewatched it, I'll be more articulate. I just LOVE how they make Light seem like a God and the Devil at the same time. When he's writing all the names down it's like WOW. And Ryuk gobbling down those apples. And how it gets the feeling across of how boring and awful Light sees the world as. And Ryuk going down into the human world with all the souls coming out. And how OMFG Light is at first but then he's like MWAHAHAHA I WILL RULE THE WORLD. It's like watching a movie!!
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