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Tonight I've made a number of discoveries regarding Fantastic Children.

One: There's a music CD other than the "A Gift from Greecia" soundtrack. I think I'm going to get this. Yes.

Two: There's a friggin GAME! XDDD Gameboy Advance! OMG I WANT IT! You get to swing on vines as Thoma and do Papan Tenpo! XDD But is only selling it as used.

Three: There's a manga. O_o The art style is different, it's got mixed reviews, and apparently it's different from the anime? Eh...not interested.

Four: THERE IS A FANDOM! YES! I found a TON of Japanese fansites! This makes me so happy~

First of all, I am so relieved that I'm not the only one who likes the idea of Agi/Soreto. XDDD;; The pairing name is apparently AgiSore.
-Ian and Flo!

Actually, I'm surprised at the amount of fluff and cuteness in the Fantastic Children fandom, considering how the anime itself is so serious.

Examples of teh cuteness:
Thoma and Helga
Belfort Children!
Palza and Mel!
Another Thoma and Helga! CUTE CUTE SO CUTE!

I especially love the ones with adult!Helga, adult!Thoma, and reincarnate!Soran together:
-Mou ichido issho ni ikiyou
-Is Chitto in there too?

I really like this portrayal of reincarnate!Soran. XDDD For some reason I could totally imagine him being a smoker. That would be awesome. Apparently it's also popular to draw him in black suits.

-Thoma and Dumas XD
-Now I really wish Dumas stayed on Earth.
-AHAHA! "I don't need this thing. I...... .........? I...Who am I...?! What...I'm... Wh-what is this place...I'm...wh-what is this thing?!"

Cool links:
-This person has beautiful fanart.
-Omg omg GORGEOUS fanart! Mostly Dumas-centric. *__*
-Grab a banner here if you love the characters who try so hard. XD
-Thoma fansite! :DD
-Search for more fansites here. There are even a couple with cosplay photos!

Oh yeah, I also made a Fantastic Children community: f_children XD;

EDIT: I actually managed to find a FC fanfic. It's a post-series AU. I'll read it later to see if it's any good, but for the moment I'm just happy that it exists.
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