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Re: Fantastic Children Episode 26

Yes, the finale made me cry. It wasn't the shocked tears of Episode 24, but the tears that just keep flowing and won't stop. Basically, I've been doing a lot of crying today in the computer lab.

....I still can't believe that I watched the entire series in FIVE DAYS. Usually 26 episodes are more than enough, but this...feels too short. .__. Also, I believe this was the first time my OTP has been destroyed by its own canon. Yes, I am a bit disappointed, but the ending was still very beautiful and I am satisfied.

...That doesn't mean I don't want to rant, though.
I suppose I wouldn't feel so broken-hearted if Thoma weren't my favorite character. BUT HE IS. And after all he's done, he ends up alone.

But I suppose that is what's best for him in the end. Forget his memories of the past, grow up and inherit the temple, live his own life. I certainly wouldn't want him to keep Sesu's guilt.

...Actually, that kinda pissed me off. When Sesu was saying that his sin was Thoma's sin so he should die? I was like OH HELL NO! Thoma didn't do anything wrong! That's one of the major themes of this show! Just as Helga isn't Tina anymore, Thoma isn't Sesu! Thoma is THOMA! He's an innocent kid who's done everything he can to help Helga! You can't KILL HIM!

And thankfully, the show kept to its theme, and it was such a beautiful moment between Helga and Thoma, and even if they don't get together in the end that part where they both agree to keep living is just so beautiful......OH GOD I'M CRYING AGAIN.

*gets tissues*

Anyway, where was I. Um. Oh, Helga and Soran's reincarnate getting together. In a way, I don't know how the creators could have imagined that people would be happy with an ending like that. We have all this buildup between Thoma and Helga, and then Soran (who I now realize is a rather two-dimensional character), who's only had screentime in the backstory, comes in at the VERY END and gets the girl again. Intellectually, I find this rather clever in how it's so unconventional. I mean, what a twist. The male lead doesn't get the girl!

But emotionally, it hurts. Especially because I had this picture of a happy ending in my mind, where Helga and Chitto stay with Thoma and his parents, and Helga falls for Thoma as THOMA, not Sesu, because they're different people.

And instead, Thoma is all alone, without friends again. Well....I suppose he could visit Helga and Chitto at the orphanage sometimes. I just thought it was adorable how he was so excited about having friends. *crying again*

To sum it all up, as Ten said in her review, Screw the soulmate. Being the romantic that I am, I never thought I'd feel that way, but Fantastic Children has managed to do it.

But as a whole, I think this anime has earned a spot on my favorites list. You know, it's interesting that from the first time I heard of it, I knew that it would be something I'd like. And now, almost two years later, I finally got to watch it and it was even better than I expected.

For people who are interested, here's an excellent review of the first half of the series. I'm also planning on buying the DVDs, it's such a classic. I'm also dying to get my hands on that soundtrack, because the opening and ending themes just won't get out of my head.

So, to end this post, I shall now go throw away my wet tissues and hum "Mizu no Madoromi"~
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