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Re: Fantastic Children Episode 20

Dammit, Fear and Magic got cancelled AGAIN. DD: This means that a movie is being taken out of the syllabus. DAMMIT.

Anyway, about the episode, I was totally wrong about what happened to Soran and Sesu omg!! This makes me even more confused about Thoma, and woah, he is FREAKING OUT! And YAAY Helga, you're going to stay! And OH SNAP Dumas! And wow, that finally explains the mecha in the OP. And ahhhhh, I hope the Belford Children stay with their families in the end, this is so sad. ;__; And omg, everything's coming together now, this is so exciting!! *keeps watching*

EDIT: In case people want to know what I've been rambling about, here's the OP:
And it's very annoying how many Advent Children results pop up when I search for "Fantastic Children." >(
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