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Re: Fantastic Children Eps. 10-19

OMFG I was only planning on watching a few episodes tonight, but once I got to the backstory I COULD. NOT. STOP. O_O I didn't think it would be so long! And fdsfujhsdiufhs this show sure likes to play around with my heart, doesn't it!!!

Okay, so the romance between Tina and Soran. In the beginning my thoughts were that 'sure, it's very cliched, but it's still cute.' And at that point I was very sure that Thoma was the reincarnation of Soran (they even look alike), so it made the shipper inside me happy.

But then, as it went along, I started to get dissatisfied with Soran. I mean, COME ON, you're her lover! Why aren't you doing your job?! Why aren't you protecting her?! SESU is doing more than you are! Get a grip, man! I began thinking, 'what the heck?! Why are you making me dislike him?! He's Thoma, isn't he?!'

And the more that I felt that, the more I began to pity Sesu. God, the scene where he's sitting there in the rain, probably mortally wounded, while Tina and his best friend fly away, forgetting ALL about him.....HOW SAD IS THAT?! And then he drags himself all the way to the castle! And I realized.....the show was putting a lot of attention on him. They wouldn't devote so much time to an unimportant character, would they? I thought, 'god, I wonder if he was reborn into Aanon and Jim? Man, that would SUCK! He'd have killed himself over Tina three times!'

I also began to doubt whether Soran would be Thoma....and at that point I was rather disgusted with Soran for leaving Sesu like that, even though he'd seen him crash. Suddenly I was more hopeful for Thoma being the reincarnation of Sesu.

BUT THEN! Soran wins me over again for being unable to kill Tina, and promising to go to Earth with her, and I thought OMG he IS Thoma! AND THEN AND THEN! BLOOD EVERYWHERE! AHHHHHH! Did Sesu kill Soran?! OMG!! You don't kill your best friend, even if he steals the girl you love and leaves you wounded in the mud! OMFG! You said you wanted Tina to be happy! XO

So now....I'm not sure who Thoma is, Soran or Sesu. I'm kinda leaning toward Sesu, because in Thoma's dreams, he's looking down at Soran in a puddle of blood. Thoma wouldn't be looking at his dead self, would he? Maybe those dreams are reflecting Sesu's guilt for killing Soran?

But at the same time, I don't WANT Thoma to be Sesu anymore! Because Sesu killed his best friend! And Tina loves Soran! If Thoma were Sesu, Helga wouldn't love him, she'd pine and grieve for Soran!

But AHHHH! Now Thoma is angsting over not being able to protect Helga! WHICH ONE IS HE?! DX AGGGGHHHHHH!

I...think I'm a little obsessed now.

EDIT: Oh yeah, Detective Cooks and Alice remind me strongly of Mulder and Scully. The part where they're sneaking around in the underground laboratory is totally X-Files. It amuses me.

EDIT 2: ALSO, Gherta is obviously the reincarnation of Mel. Obviously.
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