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Today was fun. At 10 AM about twenty of us from Anime Club drove to Williamsburg to eat at a "famous" Japanese/Chinese buffet. Predictably, it was pretty much 98% Chinese and the sushi was mediocre. I ate plenty of fried rice, though. I also bought the first season of Avatar on box set (and Batman Beyond too). When we got back to the campus, I invited Alex to my room and we watched some episodes of Avatar. That made me really happy. I'm a Sophomore, and this was the first time I ever invited a friend to my room. :D

And um...let's see. I FINALLY started watching Fantastic Children, courtesy of Youtube (because I could never find the damn DVDs anywhere, just like Hikago D<). And I've only had three hours of sleep this morning so I'll keep this brief for now:

I love Thoma. He's my favorite character without a doubt. I love his mom and dad, too. They're so cute. Thoma looks like a chibi!Ling and his personality reminds me of Gold. What's not to love about that? He's also got an adorable crush on Helga, though it probably has something to do with their past lives. I'm very curious about that and why he has bad dreams all the time.

I watched up to episode 9 tonight before the computer lab closed and gaaaaahhh, I want to see what happens next. The plot builds up slowly (and there are actually several sides of the story being developed at once), but the mystery is intriguing and I find the conflict the Belford Children have with their memories to be fascinating. Being constantly reincarnated for 500 years is tough.

Also, I like Helga better when she's not acting like a mindless doll. I could certainly understand why Thoma got pissed off at her in episode 5. She didn't even speak until episode 3, and until episode 6 she just came off as a less-interesting version of Sheeta from Castle in the Sky. I'm sure there's a very good reason behind her behavior, but it was a little annoying. Thoma made up for it though. ♥
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