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Anime Club Marathon

Yaaay, first one of the semester. We're getting a ton of new members this year- a lot of Freshman anime fans! :D So there were more people attending this time than in the previous year.

First, we watched the movie Appleseed. It was terribly cliched and the only enjoyment I got out of it was making fun of it. Then we wanted to watch something funny so I persuaded them to show The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and most of the members hadn't heard of it so they were like "bwuh??" But by the time we finished watching episode 4, it was pretty much a big hit. :D

And then I convinced them to show Mushishi too, even though NO ONE in the club had heard of it. And of course, it's not the kind of show that would get a big reaction like SuzuHaru, but the responses were positive. We got through episode 4 without complaints anyway, and it amused me to hear people joking about the second eyelids and Mushi. XDD

After that, somehow the vote was to watch another action-packed movie, and Armitage III won. Alex and I left for an hour then, because the plot of Armitage sounded way too similar to Appleseed for us to stand. We went to Barnes and Noble, and I bought Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card and A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin. Yaaaaaay, more reading material~!

When we came back, we voted for Batman Beyond, because even if it's not anime, it's a cool show and I haven't seen it for years. ♥ And now I want to watch more! It was so nostalgic, and somehow I feel like I can appreciate it more at this age, because on hindsight it's really geared toward teenagers. I remember how awesome all the villains were too, and the opening theme is BADASS. I'm going to look for a DVD next time I go to Best Buy~

And then the guys voted for Spriggan, bleh. Dx That's where I left. What's up with the guys and these generic sci-fi action movies? In fact, a lot of the anime movies shown in Anime Club suck, though Tokyo Godfathers, which we watched at our first meeting this semester, is one of the best I've seen yet (brought tears to my eyes, it did).

I wasn't able to show my MMV... :( Oh well, next time. I'm going to try to convince them to show SuzuHaru (which everyone calls "The Melancholy" because they can't pronounce Haruhi's name) at our regular meetings, once Tsukikage Ran is over. >D
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