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Re: Secret of the Fire Nation


Now, I'd probably be a lot more excited about this stuff if I weren't already spoiled for a lot of it, but ANYWAY.

It makes me happy to see Aang earthbending. :DD It looks hot. Now I can't wait to see him Firebending too, because already the combination of air/water/earth that he has is BADASS. Look at how he took out that drill! AWESOME.

And I can't go without fangirling over Toph. YAY TOPH!!! I love her so. ♥ Even though it seems Aang/Toph is never going to be canon, I like the little scenes like when she holds his staff for him, and earthbending together, and "Come on, Twinkle Toes, hurry up!" ♥ Also, Toph's little girly moment? "Oh Sokka, you saved me!" LOL.

And.....gosh, everyone's hitting on Sokka now, huh? XD First he has a romantic kiss with Suki (I cheered for that, actually), then a little flirty moment with Ty Lee? MAKE UP YOUR MIND, MAN. I liked that he was being overprotective and didn't want to kiss under the moonlight though, at least he hasn't forgotten about Yue.

It was cool seeing Suki without her makeup too. :D

Katara was also very cool with her waterbending skillz. Ice-surfing!! *__* I could really see Kataang happening now, and I don't find it quite so squicky anymore. Maybe it's because Aang seems to be growing up and maturing; he and Katara are more like equals, and Katara is always the one worrying for him the most. And I did get the warm fuzzy feeling during some of their moments. I could definitely see it developing into more than a crush.

...Katara's hot in her swim suit too. >.>; And I was surprised that they were able to get a birthing scene into the show. Aang smiling and crying when he sees the baby is SO SWEET. ♥

Meanwhile, back to Zuko. I thought it was interesting how he worked together with Jet. The Blue Spirit may be gone, but he's still got the skillz. And Jet wanting to recruit him~ I now consider this the only possible slash pairing. And dear Iroh, I know you love your tea, but that really wasn't a good idea. YOU'RE IN THE EARTH KINGDOM CAPITAL, HELLOOO.

And um....I'm sure there's more to say, but I'll leave it there for now. I am really looking forward to the next episode, because we finally get a closer look at Ba Sing Se and omg Katara and Toph dressing up!!! :D NEXT WEEK NEXT WEEK HAHAHA WE'RE BACK TO WEEKLY SCHEDULE AGAIN~~~

EDIT: Before anyone asks, I don't like the Sokka/Toph pairing. >_>; It's...bleh. The age difference is even worse than it is with Aang/Katara, and Sokka's got enough girls after him already. Can I see Toph getting a little crush on him? Yes, and that would be cute, because I love anything that Toph does. But I cannot see it being mutual, not unless Toph is older and Sokka's been dumped by Suki.
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