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Chapter 63 Translation~

Page 44/44 FINISHED~

Page 1
Ed and Al, who search for the missing Mei Chan...
No info on the black and white cat today either...
Ah~~~~~~ jeez~~~~ how many days has it been since we started searching?
Maybe they're not in Central anymore?
Ha----.... [That's a sigh, if you couldn't tell]
Guess we should go back to the hotel...
Geh, Colonel!! Why are you here?!
Why...? I could see Alphonse easily from far away.
That's right...

Page 2
What are you doing?
Searching for someone.....but we haven't had any luck so we're about to return to the hotel
Then get on
I just happen to have some businees near your hotel and was about to go there
I seems that Xing's alchemy is a little different
If you find that cat, could you let us know?
Got it. If I get a chance, I'll ask someone
Though to be honest, I don't want to make a debt to the Colonel
Oh, speaking of debts!
Give me back my money.
I let you borrow some change at the Fuhrer's office, remember?

Page 3
Tch! So you remembered! Guess I have no choice!
How much was it? 500-cenz?
It's 520-cenz. Don't cheat me.
Jeez, you can't become a big-shot if you worry over little things.
Actually, I'll keep the debt.
I'll return it when you become Fuhrer.
Chapter 63: A 520-Cenz Promise

Page 4
...Who did you hear it from?
From First Lieutenant Hawkeye.
She told me about Ishbal too.
I'll let you keep borrowing the money.
You have to return it to me without fail.
Then when that time comes, I'll borrow change again.
I'll say "I'll return it when it becomes a democracy"

Page 5
And when I return that too, I'll borrow it again and put in another promise
...In other words, that means I'll have to live quite a long life
Don't be worrying the Lieutenant and the others
Thanks for the ride
Yeah, later
Here I am, Madeline
Oh~~~ Roy-san, you're late
[uhhhh I'll get to this panel later]

Page 6
"I have business over here" play around with a woman?!
Uwaaa!! At a time like this, that's the worst, Colonel!! I don't want to become an adult like that!
Yeah really!
You're late.
Old man Fuu?!
I am tired of waiting.

Page 7
...You lost your arm......and couldn't protect the Young Master...
...So how things are......

Page 8
Hey, what are you doing?!
And you still think of yourself as one of those chosen by the Yao family?!
If we weren't in hiding, I'd continue yelling for nearly an hour...!!
Stop it, gramps!
She's injured!

Page 9
Your arm.....
is gone?
I'm sorry, grandfather
I'm sorry
...You fool
You fool....!!

Page 10
We have a promise with Ran Fan. We need to introduce her to an automail mechanic.
That's right. I have a mechanic named Winry Rockbell.
She does good work and you can get it cheap if I ask her.
She'll also keep the secrets of a client with special circumstances like Ran Fan
But a problem has appeared
Winry has the homunculi's eyes on her
Mm...we can't let her be in contact with someone who's had her face seen by Bradley
What about Granny?
That's it! She wouldn't attract any attention in the countryside of Resembool.

Page 11
A mechanic in the countryside. She's Winry's grandma.
Can't do it.
Why? Her skill is authentic.
I understand that you are trying to help us, and that you respect and trust the mechanic named Rockbell.
That is exactly the reason why we cannot recieve any favors.
Now that our enemy's hold has gotten tighter, we must be even more discrete.
We will do something about the automail mechanic ourselves.
We do not need any more of your help.
But we can't just leave you like this...
No! If we become swept away by emotion and do something careless, we will fall in mutual destruction!
In order to achieve a task, in some cases we must throw away things related to emotion
Do you understand, boy?

Page 12
Got it. Thank you.
Sorry we couldn't be of help, old man Fuu.
No, you've done plenty
She was taken in by a good doctor
I'm not a good doctor!!
No, no
My granddaughter has survived thanks to you
I am grateful

Page 13
Thank you
Doctor Knox
Just hurry and get out!
I'm not soft-hearted enough to let you hang around for long
You too, Elric boys!
Make sure no one finds this place when you leave! Never come near my house again!!
His Majesty the Emperor's condition won't get better at all
Rather, he seems to be deteriorating

Page 14
We must hurry and take back the Young Master and return to our country with the way of immortality
Let's go, grandfather. If the Majesty is in such a condition, we don't have time.
Just wait
Dwellers of the den of thieves
We will come back again

Page 15
(Thank you)
(Doctor Knox)
So after all this time
now they call me a doctor?
*knock knock*

Page 16
Who's that?
The Elric boys again?
Good evening, dad
It's been a while
Mom and I had some business nearby, so...
...Are you doing well, dear?

Page 17
You've grown big
Have you lost weight?
What about you dear, are you eating well? Is work straining your nerves?
Is your job...are you still a medical consultant?
Yeah, same as always, in the company of corpses...
...No, actually
Just a few days ago, I treated two people
You could almost laugh
They called me a lifesaver
Thank goodness...
You haven't forgotten your duty as a doctor...
Dad, I'm aiming to become a doctor too!

Page 18 you have any idea what I did at Ishbal.....
I know!
I know the reason why you specialize in autopsies too!
I know, and I still want to be a doctor
What you did is unforgiveable. It's something that cannot be atoned for
But does that mean it's okay to run?!
Even though you have the skills to save people's lives, you'll throw that away because you're scared?!
It's more cowardly not to do anything!!
If you've finally regained your duty, continue it. I'll save people's lives with you!
Why are hard...
Because we're family

Page 19
You idiot
Come in
It's not very good
but come drink some coffee
Wah, this place is a mess. What's with this mountain of trash?
Can't be helped. Let's clean it up while he's making the coffee.
If there's such a thing as God
Could you forgive me?
Even someone like me...
could wish for something as simple as the joy in drinking coffee with his family, right...?

Page 20
East City~
This is Easy City Station
It's new information on Scar. Could you spread the word?
Is he still on the run?
"Eyewitness reports in the north," they say.
It seems he's moving around with a middle-aged man with black hair

Page 21
Ohhh my, I'm sorry
No, I am sorry I was looking away
? You have an accent
Are you a foreigner?
I came from Xing
My, did you come from that far for sightseeing? I'm sorry, there's not much to see here in the East, is there?
No, I dropped by for a transfer
I am going to the north from here...
Departure from Platform Number 3~
Ah!! Oh no!!
Thank you for helping me, Ma'am!
Alright, be careful~
What a strange cat

Page 22

Page 23
Get out, Kimbley
You're being discharged
Now what's with this curious turn of events?
Don't ask unnecessary things.
Is it an order from above?
Shut up.
Anyway, just why haven't you been executed when you've killed five superior officers! What hand did you play?
Oh, nothing. Maybe it's personal virtue?
Don't make me laugh, Mad Bomber!
I've heard that you were laughing while you killed the Ishbalans.

Page 24
What are the superiors thinking, letting someone this crazy be discharged!
Mr. Jailer
Thank you for taking care of me so long
Don't come back here again
I'm merely showing my thanks

Page 25
Take it off... won't come off!!
Take...please take this off!!
The time...

Page 26
It's just a trivial toy
Please give it to some child as a present

Page 27
Well then, goodbye

Page 28
Long time no see, Kimbley
Congratulations on your release

Page 29
So it's your people's orders
Right. We're short on help.
--So that means you're going to give me a job?
Do you remember Doctor Marcoh?
Yes, he was the researcher who was creating the Philosopher's Stone. I remember him well.
That Marcoh has escaped.....
...or he might have
"He might have"?
We're still not clear on it
There's a possibilty that he's running with an Ishbalan called "Scar"

Page 30
Scar's been getting in our way a lot
How about it, Kimbley? As the Crimson Alchemist who was commissioned in the "Ishbal annihilation," doesn't that hurt your self-respect?
You're right
I can't be forgiven if an Ishbalan I lost track of is still around
Is my job this time to kill that man?
Yeah, if you find Scar, you can kill him.
And if Marcoh is with him, bring him to us
The documents and expenses are all in there
You didn't release me just for a simple job as this, did you?

Page 31
If you catch Marcoh, to teach him a lesson for running away, I want you to erase a town we have hostage from the map
Isn't that a good job?
That's a pretty vulgar thing to do

Page 32
I'll finally be able to use this again
That might not be enough if you're going to kill off a whole town?
This is...
Did you create it using Ishbalans again?
They're the researchers who were studying the Stone under Marcoh
Doctor Marcoh's subordinates, are they?
Really, how vulgar

Page 33
It must be a funeral
Yes, it seems so.
How awful. At this age, all you ever think about is when you're going to end up like that.
What are you saying, dear lady?

Page 34
You still look so young.....
Hohohohoho! Our meeting place was in front of Brigadier General Hughes's grave, wasn't it?
I thought that if you're using final measures, that means this is no trivial matter
So as a precaution, I made sure to come in disguise (hohoho)

Page 35
I should have expected this from Lieutenant General Grumman, the well-known eccentric
But it was an unexpected disguise
Huhum, I'll take that as a compliment
I the higher-ups in Central are all black
I'm impressed that you were able to gather this much information
But you're a little too impatient
If you lose your trusted subordinates, you lose everything
Yes...I have nothing to say to that
Hmmm, General Raven too...
Some time in the past....
When I was in Central, Raven asked me something

Page 36
"Hey Grumman"
"Would you be interested in a perfect immortal army?"
Immortal...? And how did you answer?
I rejected it with "Immortality is worthless"
And after that, immediately
I was sent away to Eastern Headquarters
A demotion...?!
From then on, I was never called on by Central again and I wound up having to continually clean up after the noisy problems in the east
--Speaking of noisy
Can you recall the uprising in Lior?

Page 37
It was the incident in which the treachery of the false founder of the Church of Leto was exposed by the Fullmetal Alchemist
Yes, I remember
As soon as the founder Cornello's ambitions were discovered, Fullmetal got in touch with Eastern Headquarters
At the initial stage of confusion, the Eastern army quickly mobilized and was able to suppress the uprising
--And yet
For some reason, the Central army came in midway and the Eastern army was discarded......was that how it went?
Yes. The law and order of Lior suddenly deteriorated only after the Central army came in
...It seems those at Central are planning something
Ahhh I hate this! Won't they at least let my retirement be peaceful and tranquil?!
You're joking again (hahaha)

Page 38
Lieutenant General Grumman, the head of an entire area such as yourself wouldn't intend on settling into peace and tranquility, would you?
Not when you hold the Eastern army that has sturdy soldiers with experience in Ishbal
I hid a secret contact memo in the chess piece in case there were ever a time you'd come crying for me, but good gracious...
You called me here to kindle a fire in me!!

Page 39
Good grief...
Thanks to things getting interesting in Central...
Those sparks of ambition that were about to disappear inside this withered old man have begun to ignite again
If you show your serious side, your make-up will crumble away
Dear lady
Oh, oops! Hohoho
Hahaha. Do you have spare time after this? If you'd like, we could have some tea...
Ohh I'm sorry, I'm happy for the invitation, but...

Page 40
Can't use this!!

Page 41
Why are there so few accounts on Rentanjusu?!
This is the National Central Library that takes pride in having the greatest collection of books in the country!
(If it comes to this, maybe I'll cross over to Xing and learn it at the headquarters...)
(No, but crossing the desert while equipped with automail is suicidal...)
I found you, Edward Elric!
Ma...Major, what are you doing?!
Shh!! You must be quiet in the library!

Page 42
It seems you are after a Xingese girl who has a black and white cat
Yeah. ...but how do you know?
I heard it from Colonel Mustang
Today I bring a message from the Colonel
That girl
It seems she is heading north
Where in the north?!
Who knows
According to the eyewitness, she was saying she would go north from the East City station
Going north from the eastern line....
North! Okay! If we know that much we can get moving!!
Thanks, Major! Could you say my thanks to the Colonel too?
Wait, wait, do not rush.

Page 43
There is a reason why Colonel Mustang has sent me to you
Take this
What is it?
A letter of introduction
It may not be of use, but take it
And meet her
She may be able to help you

Page 44
Farther north than the Northern Headquarters...
The general who protects the national border between Drachma and holds the alias "The Northern Cliff of Briggs"---
Who is this person?!


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