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You know what's weird? I'm not into Bleach at all...but I'm looking forward to watching the dub on TV. I dunno, I just read an interview with the VA's and it seems they're putting a lot of effort into it. I want to see how good it is. Maybe I'll even watch past episode 7 this time (that was the point where I lost interest and became too lazy to download anymore fansubs).

Btw, speech went okay. Still don't like the class, though; it's too long. And I haven't had time to do my English homework... -__- Guess I'll have to wake up early tomorr-....this morning.

EDIT: Speaking of dubs, I'd LOVE to hear Mushishi dubbed if the anime is ever licensed. It shouldn't be too hard to do. I'd be extremely happy if someone like Johnny Yong Bosch were to play Ginko. That would be amazing. :D
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