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Me: ...maybe Red's an alien
Kirsten: :OO
Me: he and Emerald came from the same planet
Kirsten: YES
Kirsten: That's why they have no parents!
Kirsten: And they're the ONLY ones without parents, too!
Me: yeah really! :O
Me: I mean, if Red had parents, wouldn't they be a tad concerned with all the times he's nearly been killed, gone missing, etc?
Kirsten: I know.
Me: and he's like the main main's so weird. the minor main characters all have parents and yet... O.o
Kirsten: Have we even ever seen Red at home? Wait, yeah...
Me: Yes. and we know that he had his Poliwhirl since he was a kid...
Kirsten: Yeah... hmm...
Me: *flipping through Volume 9* and the sign in front of his house says RED. Red only! he lives alone! :O
Me: .....XDDDD
Me: unless his parents are also named Red or something
Kirsten: *goes to fetch the remnants of volume 9*
Kirsten: Red, Redmama, and Redpapa
Kirsten: *looks at the sign in front of his house* AHAHAHAHAHAAHA
Kirsten: Because people really put huge signs in front of their house with their name in boldface letters.
Kirsten: Maybe that's what they do on Red and Emerald's planet?
Me: they're planning an invasion D:
Kirsten: DDDD:!!
Me: Soon, EVERYONE will have to have signs in front of their houses with their names on it!

...I just had to get hooked on this again right before Chapter 63, didn't I? D:

Me: if Red were an alien, Red/Yellow would be the weirdest pairing ever. and we thought Yellow's gender problem was bad... D:
Kirsten: ...DD:
Me: Red needs to have HIS secret revealed to her in the most awkward way too >O
Kirsten: XDD
Me: though I suppose it's awkward enough having Dioxys be the one to break it to her
Tags: crack, manga, pokemon, pokesupe

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