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I love these people

Quite a while ago, I had downloaded two sound clips from the FMA drama CD's, and completly forgotten about them. There were also three episodes of the Hagaren Housoukyoku (the FMA radio show in Japan), but I ended up only listening to two of them.
So today I was bored and decided to give them a listen. And what did I think? Well, let's just say Paku Romi and Kugimiya Rie are my favorite voice actors of all time.
The drama clips were very short, but fun. There's this scene where Winry is fixing Ed's arm, and she, Ed, and Al are all bickering with each other. Winry chucks a wrench at Ed, but he dodges, and it instead hits Al, who's all like "OW! That....didn't hurt, but still, that was mean!" And Ed's like, "Yeah, you shouldn't do that anymore! If it wasn't Al, you could have killed someone!" And Winry sniffs, "It wouldn't have hit him if you didn't dodge," to which Ed snarls, "So it would have been okay if it hit me?!"
So cute. <3
As for the Housoukyoku, I'd been keeping up with every episode I could find, and god, so fun. In case you didn't know, Paku Romi and Kugimiya Rie do the voices of Ed and Al, and are both females. Paku-san is hysterical; she's always teasing Rie and talking in weird voices. Rie sounds so different talking normally than when she's playing Al; she's so squeaky!cute and high pitched, omg! Put them together, and you have a hilarious combination.
Most of the time during these shows they're discussing various topics about the series, blatantly advertising products, reading fanmail, and giving a dramatic preview of the next episode on TV, but they also get to chatting about such random stuff- in this particular episode, Paku-san and co. gave Rie a surprise birthday party on air, with cake and everything, and Rie was squeeing with such happiness! SO CUTE!
Man, I hope the American DVD's keep the voice actors' interviews, because now I'm dying to see them. ^_^

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