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Pokemon Special pulls out some plot twists

I'm not spoiler-cutting this because I don't think many people on my flist even care. XD;

So...things recently learned in the Fire Red/Leaf Green arc:

-Deoxys can speak apparently?
-There are two Deoxys...and one of them has escaped
-Deoxys is....Red? ?!?!??
-Sakaki created(?) Deoxys to find his son, Silver
-Kiwame-baasan has some kind of connection to Mew
-Mew is coming back to Kanto for some reason

This has all left me very confused. I mean, if Sakaki created Dioxys, why did he have to capture it earlier? Or was it that he captured one of the Dioxys and made the other one? Or he only made one, it escaped, he started making another one, he caught the first one, and then the second one escaped?? Also, does this mean Sakaki used Red's DNA to create Deoxys (the same way Mewtwo was created)? Did Sakaki somehow steal Red's DNA during one of their previous battles? Otherwise, what else could Dioxys mean by saying "I am Red"?? .....You know, it might help if I actually read the entire chapter someday.

I love this manga. Even if the subject matter is ultimately about Pokemon, it manages to have a good plot and pull off surprising twists and revelations every time. It's pretty exciting.

EDIT: It seems that you really can learn very little of what's going on just by reading the netkun updates. >.> So now I'm assuming that a lot of my assumptions are totally wrong. *sigh*
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