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FJDSOIFJHSDIFJ we have to DRESS UP for our speech on Thursday?!

Prohibited are jeans, T-shirts, shorts, sandals, high heels, skirts above the knee...

Well that sure rules out EVERYTHING that I have to wear!! Dammit, I don't even have sneakers! Dammit dammit I thought I wouldn't need anything but casual summer clothes for the first couple of months here! DAMMIT how am I supposed to get any more clothes before Thursday?! If I'd known this before yesterday when my mom came to visit AGGHHHHHHHHH I AM SO SCREWED!

...*deep breath* Option 1)Borrow some of my roommate's/suitemates' clothes. Option 2)Ask one of them if they can drive me to the mall for a little while. D: I could do this on.....I only have time tomorrow afternoon. Shit.

God, I think I'm going to hate this class. And not even for the public speaking aspect of it.

EDIT: Seriously, mom and I would have had TONS of time to shop for clothes yesterday! DAMMIT!
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