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Well, shoot

Stupid Best Buy. You tempt me with your cheap prices then stab me in the back. I hate you.
I went to buy Kino Volume 4. And it wasn't there. It came out yesterday, but Best Buy doesn't have it yet. They'll have it on the 29th. That's like a week away. *CRY*
So instead I got my mom to buy me the first Wolf's Rain DVD. I don't care if it starts to suck in the second half, I need some comforting that only another gorgeous-in-every-aspect anime can provide. Besides, it's five episodes for only $20. You don't just ignore a deal like that.
And here I am playing some sad, somber Haibane Renmei music (grr, I need the soundtrack) to go with my mood. Once my mom goes to sleep I'll watch Wolf's Rain and prepare to be amazed. Then at 12:30 I'll watch Detective Conan. It's the wedding episode. Ahh, memories.
But still. No new Kino. No new FMA. Don't be surprised if everything I write tomorrow is incredibly angsty.

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