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Unlucky day

Fear and Magic, my only class of the day and the only thing I had to look forward to, got cancelled. DD: There were technical difficulties in getting the projector working (Prof. G always uses powerpoints in her lectures), but it only started working once everyone had left....well, everyone but the dorky group who always hang around after class (me included). Dammit, why did everyone have to leave, we could have still had the lecture. ;___;

Then I walk back to my dorm across campus through the sweltering 100-degree heat, and try to buy a cold soda from the vending machine. Not only did the machine cheat me out of a quarter, but the soda exploded on me, and I had to mop up the floor in the hall with paper towels.

And now I discover that I don't have any laundry money. D:

Maybe my mom cursed me for not sending her an email on Sunday like I said I would.

EDIT: Gah, this means Prof. G will have to take one class out of the syllabus. DX SUCKS!

EDIT 2: Oh, and the library closes at 4 PM now? D< Wtf, man.
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