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It sucks when you're trying to make a MMV and you start out using pretty tank scans, and then suddenly you're stuck with only the GanGan scans. Of course...a lot of this MMV is going to be made up of GanGan scans, but some of these are REALLY ugly. D: That's not anyone's fault, of course, but.....yeah.

Also, I WANT TO DO LAUNDRY BUT ALL OF THE WASHERS ARE FULL AND I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR ALMOST AN HOUR ARGH. I want to take a shower too but I'm waiting for a washer to open up first. ;___;

EDIT: I am SO stupid. I mixed up the damn washers and dryers!! And I hate touching some-guy-I-don't-know's boxers just to free up a washer! And I keep making stupid mistakes tonight FSJOIFJSDF this is so not my washing day!! DX
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