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So far, Culture and Human Population and Psychology are very boring. D: I'm having my first Public Speaking class tomorrow. Man, I can't wait until Anime Club next week...

In other news, this makes me VERY happy. :DDDDD Now we can discuss the manga every week!!! Go join, people!


Ginko He looks too skinny and 'hip' for my liking. :/ Though, actually....he looks a lot like the Ginko from the first volume of the manga. Right down to the facial hair. O.o (I prefer his look from the anime and later volumes of the manga, though.)

Ginko knows where his towel is! :O (His box looks a bit different too.)

Apparently, the story of the man who chases rainbows will be included in the movie. He's using a leaf as a hat, heeeee.

NUI!! Oh Nui, she looks so gorgeous!!! :D

NUI AGAIN! I have to say, I love how green it is. Give us lots of nature shots, yes!

Is this Tanyuu? From her armrest, I'm guessing it's possible. If that's the case, then movie!Tanyuu certainly has better scenery outside her house; I've always felt sorry for her about that. :( If you're forced to stay in one place your whole life, then at least they could make your surroundings pretty!

Chopstick-thingies!! It IS Tanyuu!!! :DD

I soooo want to see this now.
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