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Sorry for double-posting, but...

I had the most bizarre Avatar-related dream. I dreamt I was watching the Secret of the Fire Nation episodes at last, and the whole thing turned into a very graphic war in which the Fire Nation was slaughtering the people of Bah Sing Se. I remember thinking to myself, "WTF?! This is way too violent for Nickelodeon!!" And just when I was wondering why Aang wasn't doing anything, there was Katara, trying to help some women and children out of a fountain drenched in gasoline, and Aang was telling her to leave them be, they had more important things to do (WTF?) And Katara was like NO and then the Firebenders set fire to the gasoline and she was on fire. O_O And she just smiled serenly and hugged Aang- and then he was on fire too!! And I thought "WTF SHE'S ON FIRE WHY IS SHE SMILING THIS IS NO PLACE FOR A KATAANG MOMENT!"

And then that episode ended with a cliffhanger...again. The next episode was a parody thing in which the entire story played out with the nations switched. Like...Toph was the Avatar, Sokka went to search for her in the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation was extinct, and the Air Nomads were waging war on the rest of the world. WTF???

...Well, at least there's no way I'll be disappointed with the actual episodes if I compare them to this.
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